Kento Mori was born in in 1979 and grew up in Tokyo. He graduated with a degree in Fine Art/Documentary Photography from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. His work has been published in various magazines and appeared in exhibitions in the US, UK and Japan. He currently lives and works in Tokyo.

About ‘Locality‘:

The project “Locality” is about the American west and the objective to better understand, what connects people to their  environment. I started this project after I moved to California from Tokyo. I was instantly drawn to America’s free spirit  which values diversity and individual freedom. During the photo shoot I carefully photographed people in a frontal position with their environment because I wanted the viewer to see each person an individual human being; in a respectful manner. I feel like this experience helped me grow to find myself in a foreign country. A place that I now see, as a second home. Starstripe

Kentomori Yurisel

Kentomori Team

Kentomori Longbeach

Kentomori Kerry

Kentomori Ht Safeway

Kentomori Ht Og

Kentomori Ht Nosmoking

Kentomori Ht Mj

Kentomori Ht Backyard

Kentomori Ht Andrew

Kentomori Hm Usarmy

Kentomori Hm Longbeach2

Kentomori Ed

Kentomori Dustin

Kentomori City

Kentomori Cars

Kentomori Bridge

Kentomori Bob

Kentomori Bball

Kentomori As

Kentomori 1500

Kentomori 23

Entomori Pool