Issue 9

The issue 9 revolves around the realm of Eros.
It is also the culmination of a four-year journey devoted to pure and free visual research, the moment just before the milestone of the tenth issue, where everything will be reconsidered and redesigned while holding sacred all the experience gained along the way.

It is in this same spirit of freedom that C41 Magazine presents a selection of projects and stories, unfettered by any external bonds or obligations. An honest exploration of a broad and complex theme, where everybody contributes their own vision. There is nothing erotic per se, as this whole universe of sex, seduction and temptation is built from the individual perspectives of those who inhabit it.

Every time somebody brings a different point of view to the table, the game gets bigger, and therefore better.

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presented by Reading Room
c/o Combo Milano
presented by Reading Room
c/o Combo Milano
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