Ye Xie delves into the intriguing misunderstandings of life

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Ye Xie is a photographer and video maker living in Milan.

About ‘Misunderstandings’ – words by Ye Xie:

Misunderstandings are a common occurrence in daily life. In fact, I like to observe all kinds of “misunderstandings” that happen in our life, although they are often regarded as undeserved or bad. But “misunderstanding” also has another interpretation: it doesn’t follow the logic of things. For me, “misunderstanding” is a new way of observation brought by photography. It creates illusion and deviates from reality. In various “misunderstandings”, people learn to understand “misunderstandings”, believe in “misunderstandings”, and finally understand what they think right from the “misunderstandings”.

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14 January 2021
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