Words of Dogtwon: a quest for the place to be

Vittoria Elena Simone is a filmmaker from Puglia based in Milan. She mainly works in the commercial/videoclip field, but she also develops several personal projects in parallel. Her research is based on linguistic experimentation and the use of unconventional tools to tell simple stories, which she believes hide a magical potential that needs to be discovered through these tools.

Stefano Tancredi, aka Tanca, is an Italian producer, musician, author, rapper and singer, Peermusic artist, 1/3 of the band Inni and member of the Klen Sheet crew. Tanca’s music stems from his inner impulses and feeds on his influences, ranging from screamo to hip hop, from punk to electronic.

About Words of Dogtown – words by Vittoria and Tanca: 

V: This project was born out of a personal need to give a face to the emotional whirlwind that leads you to leave Southern Italy – the provinces and the affections of a lifetime – in search of your place in the world, which in the contemporary era often means migrating to the city, and to the sense of loneliness and disorientation that arises the moment you arrive. Adaptation is a long and complicated process, but having been lucky enough to have found a new “famille” here in Milan, we have had the strength to narrate it – through sounds, words and images. We know the project has a very personal slant, but we hope that everyone who watches it will be able to see his conflicts, his affections, his turning points, and feel less alone in facing his inner wars.

T: To present the album I wanted to do something big for myself and for all the people who have accompanied me and, together with Vittoria, we realised that it was time to tell everything from the beginning through images and music. It’s one of the biggest and most visceral things we’ve done together, and I still find it hard to watch it all without having to prepare myself psychologically. The short film is about family, mistakes, revenge, love, losses and achievements in which I think everyone can see himself. My life played by none other than my sister Natalie and her friends, while I, no longer a kid, pick up my guitar and retrace my steps, looking at myself and tucking myself in. I needed this to understand what I really have to take care of, and what is sometimes right to leave behind.


Directed by: Vittoria Elena Simone
Graphic Design: Michele Nannini
Master: Giovanni Pagliara
Starring: Natalie Tancredi, Antonio Quattromini

Out for Peer Music Italy
Klen Sheet

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2 min
Words by
Robin Sara Stauder
Published on
11 June 2021
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