This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

William Sheepskin is a Cape Town based photographer who’s interpretation of the world around him and subsequently the act of photographing it is largely informed by his childhood spent living between Tanzania, South Africa, and Mauritius. William cites his regular exposure and integration into foreign cultures as an influence on the way he tries to approach and represent subject matter, with an innate sense of wonderment and curiosity. William’s interest in the photographic arts led him to pursue a formal education in photography, and he graduated from The London College of Communication in 2019 with an Honors degree in a course that largely focused on the theory of photography and its potential impact.

About ‘Strange New Habits’ – words by William Sheepskin:

 “Strange New Habits” is a continuation of my larger attempt to garner some understanding of the world through photography. The ongoing project is focused on the manner in which society in general is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, a quiet nod to the subtle changes in societal habits that will likely continue for some time yet.

By including subject matter that is not always explicitly linked to the pandemic, my hope is to convey the multifaceted and the rippling nature of change, and the manner in which the pandemic can be seen manifesting itself outside of the immediately obvious in the world today.