During Salone del Mobile, you can’t expect to cross Milan by any vehicle other than a motorcycle or a bicycle. I was on the bike path, with a helmet and backpack, and the sky was rumbling black. Via Felice Casati 3 is the new space that will host the project, the physical place designed by Simple Flair, for this new brand born online and which, with its inclusive geometry, welcomes visitors to observe the objects that form the collection, the family.

I stood in the doorway, motionless, protected by a very thin balcony that kept me dry. Giulia Baraldi (PR for Vero), calls me, telling me she has just bought an umbrella and is running towards me. She catches up with me, wet, we sit down and start a pleasant conversation about the space, the new collection and Vero.

“Italian design company Vero transforms everyday environments into contemporary places, with simplicity, honesty and timelessness. Vero products look beyond their functionality to interpret a new philosophy that believes in design as a promoter of contemporary values.”

The new D2-V2-22 collection designed by the Zaven studio and American designer Sam Stewart consists of five new pieces, made in Italy, that were created by intercepting the interests, needs and desires of the community. 

From Vero’s website on the creative direction:

Vero talks about a new era of Italian design that expresses its values through alternative stylistic and production models. Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, founders of Simple Flair and Riviera Creative Space, conceive and manage an innovative reality that aims to represent a sector need: to create a brand that listens to and represents a community with shared values. Flacco and Crenna – promoters of digital, simple and effective communication at the service of companies wishing to renew themselves and experiment in the contemporary world by making careful use of social media, content and events – think of Vero as an incubator of talents, a place for establishing a dialogue between all the interlocutors: from producers to designers, from communicators to consumers. This is why they select international designers with a strong and recognizable voice, work with the best Milanese creatives and supervise the production of the pieces to give life to relevant contents. The strength of the Creative Direction is the communication inherent in the project: from the branding, conceived together with Studio Temp, to the social pro le, in which the works of di erent talents will converge, up to entirely local production to create valuable products. A value that is the result of many excellences and that is communicated in an honest, simple and informal way, a way they have called Vero.