The digital gallery Vaspaar launches the contemporary design section, an addition to its already existing rare collection of mid-century Italian design. Curated by young business and life partners Kaisha Davierwalla and Andrea Grecucci to introduce a modern approach to the practice of collecting, Vaspaar offers design enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and acquire historical and contemporary pieces through a transparent and informal approach offered by their digital platform and tailor-made customer care.

“Andrea and I started out so young in this business, that made each new piece we used to acquire and addition to our roster, feel like such an achievement! That is why we understand and truly admire the way in which the market out there is shifting towards a much younger demographic. To our surprise and pleasure we see that even if the age difference is significant from the earlier perceived collector demographic, that good taste and obsession for the authentic historic find still prevails and thrives in today’s young collector. My job now is much more rewarding, knowing that the next generation collector has a wonderful vibe towards historic collectible design. Each new client we have the pleasure of coming in to contact with proves to us that we are on the right path” states Kaisha Davierwalla.

The gallery’s modus operandi and reason to exist is rooted in its name: Vaspaar is ancient Persian for “the provider of all things”, a concept ingrained in the Zoroastrian community into which Kaisha was born. Vaspaar was founded to bring to life the contemporary artpractice of collecting, understood as something that requires thorough preparation, a deep appreciation of each piece as an individual and as part of the whole, the belief that any object holds an infinite amount of meanings each distinctive to its owner, and the determination to make collecting an easy and comfortable experience. Vaspaar’s varied, rich and distinguished collection presents a unique blend of original works by masters such as Gaetano Pesce, Ugo La Pietra, Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Alessandro Mendini, Superstudio and many more. To meet nowadays collectors’ desire to constantly discover new visionary creatives, Vaspaar is also introducing a contemporary design section featuring unique creations by co-owner Andrea Grecucci to be followed by collections of other like-minded creatives of the Milanese diaspora.

“I believe there is an overlapping, a grey area between old and new, industrial and artisanal, materic and ethereal, light and heavy… and with my projects I like to delve, explore and express myself with this duality. As designers and creatives, I believe we must keep in great consideration the masters, the techniques of the past, the ways things were made, that’s what fascinates me about our Mid-Century collection and the research we put into it. But we must leap forward and create new paths using our personal and modern view, thanks to new materials but also giving new life to almost forgotten and dying processes” tells Andrea Grecucci.

That is the creative process that, over the past years, drove him to experiment the new contemporary collection that has a sort of touch from the past and includes a geometric coffee table and two series of sculptural vases. The contemporary collection is a project developed as part of the group “Materie Prime” (Raw Materials) from Italy with which the designer is affiliated. The main ethos is to strategically select artisanal niche sectors struggling in today’s current economic landscape, giving them a breath of new life by creating with them unique pieces and limited editions. These collectibles aim to appreciate ancient artisanal practices and bring their individual unexplored potential to the attention of those wishing to help preserve their crafts and know-how (you will find alabaster, porous aluminium and stainless steel).

The gallery’s unique offering lies in the combination of the founders’ academic and design preparation and their young and pioneering vision, allowing them to advise clients with an unparalleled refreshing approach. Vaspaar provides a 360 degree consultancy, including curatorial advice, pieces authentication, scouting and restoration. With headquarters in Milan and warehouses around Italy, Vaspaar operates from the centre of Europe, thus leveraging connections with key markets.

Andrea Grecucci is an independent creative and designer based in Milan (Italy) where he co-curates Vaspaar, a digital design gallery, with his partner Kaisha Davierwalla. Grecucci’s creative practice generates from his experimentation with artisanal and industrial techniques, that he then blends with his extensive knowledge of contemporary and historical design, art, and 3D modelling, to create meaningful and incredibly crafted collectible pieces. Grecucci also oversees the headphones design department of V-Moda / Roland and has been collaborating with leading manufacturers of musical instruments for over eight years. Throughout his career he has been developing products for leading Italian and international consumer electronic companies such as Vodafone, Pirelli and Telecom Italia. He holds a degree from IED Milano where he has been teaching Product Design as a visiting professor since 2017.

Kaisha Davierwalla is the founder and co-curator of the digital design gallery, Vaspaar. A true believer in the key relevance of history’s appreciation and knowledge to step into the future, Kaisha started collecting design pieces in 2015, and has since built recognition and a strong network of collectors and partners around her passion.

A natural entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, Kaisha’s interest in collectible design was born during her time as Sales Manager for a Milanese design gallery, where she learned the history of design and its key masters and their importance in today’s time. The tactile, aesthetic and cultural background of each piece she realised then became critical elements for a successful sale, not to mention their historical value and influence on today’s market.

The first piece she bought was Gianfranco Frattini’s Sesann set. Now, seven years later, Kaisha works together with her partner, Andrea Grecucci, to develop an important collection of Italian design and consult an international clan of collectors and enthusiasts around the globe.

She was born and raised in Surat, Gujarat in India, also known as the diamond and textile capital of the world and this played an imperative influence in her professional life. Kaisha moved to Italy in 2008 to study Product Design at IED, with her masters in Design at Domus, and has since collaborated with key design personalities, esteemed collectors, and amongst many things she also teaches Design Thinking at the Scuola Politecnico di Design.