The workwear trend has persisted in the fashion world for some time now, but in these years it has been more pervasive than ever with young people’s clothing and catwalks during fashion weeks. An evergreen trend that with the SS23 fashion shows has been transformed into a vision of utility glamour, bringing out a more chic and fashionable declination of the workwear style. There are many brands that have shown this trend on the catwalks this season. From Balenciaga to Miu Miu to Givenchy to Marine Serre, the workwear mood has become one of the trend for SS23. The utilitarian codes of ready-to-wear and accessories were enriched with shoulder bags and zip fasteners, a series of extra pockets on cargo trousers and skirts, jackets with full zips and backpacks. Thus celebrating workwear style with a fashionable twist and turning a new style of dressing that automatically becomes a lifestyle. Comfort, utility and versatility are the main words to describe this trend, but many brands, such as Miu Miu for example, still managed not to abandon that aura of unmistakable chic and elegance, by creating a perfect mix of urban chic that privileges aesthetics above all else.

With the desire to create something that is comfortable but can be adapted to contemporary casual fashion, the C41 creative team launches a new limited edition capsule in collaboration with LC23, a well-known brand from Puglia. The item of this capsule, in a limited edition, is the perfect balance of comfort and style, rooted in the workwear trend, revisiting and emphasising it with different colours. Created by Leonardo Colacicco, creative director of LC23, already familiar with the world of workwear Leonardo in fact boasts collaborations with brands such as Diaodra, Umbro and Nike. LC23 and C41 thus create a unique piece, made entirely from recycled materials. A workwear garment with a versatile aesthetic that brings streetwear closer to a more fashionable approach. The collaboration consolidates the relationship between fashion and workwear in the unique style of C41.