In Gestalt therapy, the term “fertile void” describes point zero: an intermediate point of balance and homeostasis, full of possibilities. A condition between something that has just finished, and something that hasn’t emerged yet. A state of creative indifference located right between two poles. The Fertile Void series, proposes a dialogue of images to describe the atmosphere between existential opposites intertwined with the human condition (life and death, loneliness and belonging, freedom and limitation, meaning and futility). Vasilis Ntaopoulos takes photos having in mind the perpetual effort of balancing between existential classifications.

Vasilis Ntaopoulos is a social scientist and photographer based in Larissa, Greece. His educational background derives from his studies in Social Anthropology (BSc & MSc) and Gestalt therapy. His photographic work focuses on the different ways of appropriation of place and space (whether it’s about interiors or urban and suburban landscapes), moving towards an exploration of existential aspects of the human condition. He participated in several workshops and exhibitions in Greece such as Athens Photo Festival in 2019, Photometria Festival in 2023, and PhotoBrussels in 2024.