Tanya Borodina reveals the growth potential of adolescent summer camps

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Tanya Borodina is a Russian artist and photographer now based in Stockholm. In her works she is striving to fight the sightlessness of modern humanity, offering a fresh and candid look at familiar things, such as the human body and everyday life scenes. She is attracted by the indirect potential that experiences offer to people.

In Wild Youth, the focus is on the exploration of an inner world of which she fixes the spontaneous tangible extensions and manifestations.

About ‘Wild Youth’ – words by Tanya Borodina:

An archaeological expedition is a special, separate world. A young urban individual, probably for the first time, meets himself/herself here. Right there, in the fields, there is a completely different sense of time, it is dense and capacious, but the days, meanwhile, fly so fast.

Out there, you can feel the corporeality (your own and others), because you walk barefoot, half-dressed, you expose yourself to rain and sun, splash in the river, eat only the most necessary things cooked on the fire, you run and not walk, because of vastness. There is another feeling of others human beings there because you do everything together: sleep, bathe, eat and go to the excavation, sing songs together under the stars and breathe in this honeyed air together. A friendship started in the expedition is the strongest, and falling in love is frequent and fleeting.
Seventeen years ago, while still a schoolgirl, I joined a summer archaeological camp for children for the first time, this world is still attractive to me. After all, digging out the antiquities of the Scythian and Sarmatian settlements, you learn much more about yourself.

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15 August 2019
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