Happy Socks interviewed fashion editor and stylist Riccardo Linarello who has created a sock-centric style guide to inspire your fashion adventures, sharing his best styling tips.

After an eventful weekend, you may be trying to keep it low key and dressing up to fit in rather than to stand out. Layering more neutral tones will make you blend into the office landscape. But don’t be surprised if your socks put you in the spotlight again! Take a look at some more ideas to get your 9-to-5 looks on point.

Happy Socks: How important are socks in an outfit?

Riccardo Linarello: For me personally, socks are very important. I like to use socks as a little hidden detail that helps complete the look in an interesting way.

HS: What was your process while building the outfits presented in this project?

RL: For the two projects I worked by first creating the looks and then inserting the sock to complete the outfit. On the “paparazzi” project, I created looks that reminded me of VIPs (even though they are actually normal people, not famous) who try to go about their daily lives incognito. Here the sock was designed to complete the look and to blend in better with the rest of the outfit.

HS: What are your tips for trying different kinds of socks and daring to wear more colorful and outstanding designs?

RL: I recommend using socks as a smart accessory as they can add an extra touch to a look. You can start with the mix of clothes you like the most and use socks to stylishly complete your outfit, by personalizing it according to your taste. Colors are important and can be used in different ways to complete looks. In the two projects you can see two different ways of using them. The first where they blend in and the second where they contrast to give a strong identity to the look.

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