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Insight Eatery: a restaurant that dances along the seashore

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‘Insight Eatery’ is the life project of two young men who traveled the world but chose Abruzzo as the final setting for their dream.

It feels like being inside a movie, one of those movies where there is a wonderful little house with a rocking chair by the sea. One of those houses where you can walk around barefoot and the floor is sprinkled with grains of sand. A house where the sound of the sea is the soundtrack to your days and the sun warms your skin. One of those houses where you can admire the sky touching the sea and get lost in your thoughts by staring at the horizon. But we are not in a movie, nor in a house. We find ourselves inside a restaurant that dances along the shores of the sea. A restaurant that floats on the sea, the result of the commitment and passion of two young men who have managed to create an incredibly suggestive place.

‘Insight Eatery’ is the life project of two young men who traveled the world but chose Abruzzo as the final setting for their dream. Simone and Alessandro, the two owners, have been able to create a small oasis of peace surrounded by the sea, where they offer refined and delicious dishes. Here is a perfect balance between taste and dreamy sceneries, refinement and simplicity.

The two young chefs met in early 2000 at the great Metropolis of Milan in one of the most promising restaurants in the city: Roberto Cavalli’s restaurant.

After about a year of working together and after the strengthening of a great friendship, they parted separate ways. Apparently, destiny wanted this friendship to be kept alive. Another great adventure was calling them, another big city claimed them. So, they moved to New York where a new chapter began. They started to work at Sant’Ambroeus, a historic venue also present in Milan. Soon after, they turned to numerous other restaurants, managing their openings and kitchens.

After 10 long years living in a hectic and chaotic city like New York, they felt the desire to return home. Simone and Alessandro found themselves in the wonderful land of Abruzzo with the dream of opening a restaurant on one of the typical structures of the area: the trabocco. The trabocco disappeared due to the tides, so the two friends wandered around the area until they found an old restaurant that had been abandoned for about six years. It looked more like a stack of dust and brambles at first, but they saw the bigger picture and the potential of that place. With the help of the architect Leonardo De Carlo, they managed to build a restaurant that reflected perfectly their life experiences around the world.

The restaurant has large windows designed to resume their first work experience at Roberto Cavalli’s restaurant.

From these windows the view is wonderful.

The proximity to the sea and the use of the firewood takes up the idea of the trabocco. All of this, in addition to the pleasant scent of wood, conveys a rustic and truthful atmosphere. Finally, the industrial style is a direct connection to the great city of New York. These influences are brought also in the kitchen, both in the origins of the ingredients and in the making of the recipes. New York hosts a melting pot of cultures and traditions that is one of the key element in these guys’ work. All their experience is reflected in every dish and in every detail of the space. However, they keep an eye of regard on the Abruzzo territory and know how to take advantage of the local products. Every dish they present has a story or an anecdote to tell. Each dish they cook represents a past memory that is expressed through food. These two incredible guys manage to express themselves and leave a trace of their persona through their kitchen. They allow their guests to get to know their story without speaking, through aromas and flavours.

The kitchen is an open space. A thin glass wall lets the customers get in close contact with the chefs: the clients can clearly enjoy the artists at work. Among the swollen white fumes and frying pans, you can see the sweaty and concentrated faces of the two chefs who are busy creating pieces of art. The fatigue and dedication that rule on the stove, is balanced by the opposite view of the tranquil sea that you can experience just by turning your head. By entering Insight Eatery, a new music is composed: the crackling of the dishes and the bubbling of the pots, accompanied by the sound of the sea and the leaves moved by the wind. It is a “mystical” place that allows your mind, your heart and your palate to travel far.

It’s a place where duality reigns. Modern design and a rustic feeling.

The blue of the sea and the green of nature. Italian culture and cultural contaminations of the world. And of course the two chefs, without whom this place would not even exist.

Inside Eatery is a unique restaurant: elegant refined and international. A place where the contrasts create new harmonies. Simone and Alessandro is a duo of young culinary artists who have made their passion a way of life. A friendship that led to the creation of a magical and suggestive restaurant that allows you to experience exquisite and refined dishes that will remain forever in your memory.