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Del Casale wine estate celebrates the nectar of the gods

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One of the oldest families in Italy dealing with wine culture.

Vino pazzo che suole spingere anche l’uomo molto saggio a intonare una canzone, e a ridere di gusto, e lo manda su a danzare, e lascia sfuggire qualche parola che era meglio tacere.


It goes by ‘nectar of the gods’, ‘serum of truth’, ‘sacred drink’. There are a thousand denominations that are given to wine and each one of these carries its truth. A drink with a thousand flavours that accompanies elaborate and simple foods. Wine keeps company and brings together friends. It could be the cherry on top on a romantic date, or be the cure for a broken heart. It can be the signature touch in a delicious dish, with its unique aromas, or be the perfect companion to a gourmet dinner. A drink of a thousand colours that – as Omero said – “sets the wisest man to sing at the top of his lungs, laugh like a fool – it drives the man to dancing”.

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The history of this beverage is very ancient. In ancient Greece, wine was the religious drink par excellence, as well as a companion to celebrations and war triumphs. From here, the grapevines spread in Sira, in Egypt, along the Spanish and French coasts. They reached Sicily around year 500 BC, where it is still possible to find vines of Greek origins. It’s an ancient drink that can be found in churches and houses, restaurants and banquets in small villages. It is used to celebrate the Mass but also at parties. The ancient origins and traditions of wine have been unaltered over the years, since the ancient myth of the god Bacchus. Bacchus – also called by the Greeks Dionysus – is the god of wine and mysteries. He is the symbol of intoxication, sensuality and the most unbridled vitalism. According to myth, Bacchus was the first to introduce wine among men. Bred by nymphs and satyrs, it is said that he crossed the East to reach Greece, bringing with him the knowledge of wine.

His cult met with strong resistance, because of the intoxicating effects of the new drink and the unbridled nature of the rites that celebrated the god. Still today there are resistances, as it is considered an intoxicating substance. However, its presence persists in our cultures, thanks to its inimitable taste and aftertaste.

C41 had the honor of getting in touch with one of the oldest families in Italy dealing with wine culture. Italy is famous for the production of wine. We are among the firsts in the world, but not many families pass on this tradition for so many generations as the Del Casale family did.

The Del Casale lineage was born and grew up in the famous and fertile lands of Abruzzo around 1800.

The family’s legacy is handed down from generation to generation by perpetuating the values of passion and hard work. In 1984, it was finally up to Sergio, the wonderful and charismatic person that we had the pleasure of meeting. A fantastic man with a cheerful soul, always ready for a chat or a joke. A sprightly talker, always full of stories and anecdotes. Father of only daughters and husband of a small but strong woman. Sergio and his wife Lucia keep carrying on the legacy of patience, passion and quality until one day it will reach their daughters Paola and Laura who represent the present and the future of Del Casale.

A family focused on female figures who, nevertheless, carry out strenuous work with passion and love, giving their products a unique taste. A great variety of wines each with a distinctive and special flavour. A tasting based on Abruzzo products. Cured meats, cheeses, bread and oil to accompany the wonderful Del Casale wines. White, red and rosé wines each with a different flavour and aftertaste. Each wine tells a story, each label has a meaning and a story behind it. It was a traditional evening based on Abruzzese anecdotes and folk songs. Sergio’s wonderful daughter delighted us with some songs to the sound of the accordion. Sergio’s smiling and genuine face allowed us to really get in touch with this unique reality. Music, wine and chatter seemed to have returned to the times of the ancient Greeks.

Thanks to its delight, this nectar maintained the same function even after thousands of years.

The wonderful wine cellar hosts a myriad of precious bottles. There is a story ready to be told hidden under the layers of dust of each one of them. In the cold and damp cellar we can find the ancient tools that were used to make the harvest as well as the old wine barrels. The history of these utensils gives a special flavour to the wines. Here at Del Casale, the faith with tradition in every steps of the production blends with the family values of passion and hard work. Handed down from generation to generation, these work methods and ethics continue to be the warranty of quality.

The large villa overlooks the nature of Abruzzo and the hills covered with vineyards. Maybe it’s the inebriating drink or maybe it’s the genuine and lively personalities that we met; but the Del Casale family embodies the ideal of the family determined to carry on the wonderful family activity, always following their own way. All enhancing the territory and the fragrant vineyards of Abruzzo through the fermentation of incredible wines.

Wines of different colours, a rainbow of shades. Red, coral, rosé, magenta, purple, amber, lemon, gold are some of the infinite shades of this exquisite drink that sweetens life.