Stone Island is hosting its iconic stage at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound and Turin’s C2C Festival this year. 

Stone Island Sound is the curatorial project by C2C Festival and Stone Island that champions the evolving sounds of contemporary independent music scenes from around the world. By aggregating new transglobal sounds of avantgarde and new pop into a ‘world sound map’, Stone Island Sound brings to life a compelling set of playlists, record releases, in-store soundtracks and live events.

This June, the Stone Island stage will make its debut at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound before it returns for a second year to Turin’s C2C Festival in November (tickets here). The 3 day lineup of the Stone Island stage at the Catalan edition of Primavera Sound, co-curated with C2C Festival is as follows, with the full programme of the stage at C2C Festival to be announced in the coming weeks.

Thursday 1st June
ABADIR & Hogir [EG/TR]
Blackhaine [UK]
Heinali [UA]
Jana Rush [US]
Salamanda [KR]
Slauson Malone 1 [US]

Friday 2nd June
Pan Showcase:
Bill Kouligas [DE/GR]
Honour, Lala&ce + Low Jack [FR/HN]
Tongue in the Mind [US]
Tzusing [MY/CN]
upsammy [NL]

Saturday 3rd June
Hivern Discs Showcase:
Om Unit [UK]
Oriana B2B Melina Serser [UY]
The Drift Institute [FR/CH]
Ubaldo [ES]

Stone Island Sound was designed to be a series of curated playlists and soundtracks broadcast in-store, defining its music identity, and as an expression of the brand’s DNA. The three playlists, entitled Yellow, Magenta, Cyan receive periodic monthly updates of the latest new sounds. The project now features more than 100 hours of music, available to listen to on Spotify and other streaming services, as well as Bandcamp and Buy Music Club.

Last year, the playlists saw contributions from Bill Kouligas, Deena Abdelwahed, DJ Plead, Elena Colombi, Kode9 and Movement Radio. For the 2023 installment, the curated playlists will feature three brand new music selections—from the NYC cult figure DJ Python, who will play at this year’s C2C Festival as Sangre Nueva (together with Florentino and Kelman Duran); Young, the influential label, home to era-defining artists such as the xx, and the online-offline contemporary art platform—Young Space; and finally by the internationally renowned music festival, Primavera Sound.