You are the way you walk: Stefano Gardel freezes people passing by

Stefano Gardel Inner Pace 02

Born in Milan Italy in 1980, Stefano Gardel is a chiropractor living and working in Lugano, Switzerland. Only recently discovers his passion and talent for photography making it into a profession in a very short time, selling his works in art galleries in Milan, Italy and Sydney, Australia.  When not working as a chiropractor, Stefano travels the world extensively to capture the magic under his camera lens.

Stefano Gardel Inner Pace 04

About ‘Inner Pace’:

This series explores how a person’s internal state of mind, the rhythm, and speed of someone’s thoughts, is reflected in the walking pace and posture, hence the title ‘Inner Pace’.

Stefano Gardel Inner Pace 01

Stefano Gardel Inner Pace 07

Stefano Gardel Inner Pace 06

Stefano Gardel Inner Pace 05


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1 min
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Alessandro De Agostini
Published on
18 May 2017
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