Stefano Galli is an Italian photographer.

His editorial work has appeared in publications such as Alla Carta, Cake Mag., Collezioni Sport & Street, Collezioni 03/Baby, Dazed & Confused, Flaunt Magazine, The Manifesto, Soundvenue, Tom Tom and L.A. Record amongst others. Commercial client includes American Apparel, Anaak, And so it Goes, Ark & Co., Cut Craft Music Group, Begson, Esley Collection, Estudio Persona, Grove Atlantic, JFS, Logos Publishing, Rebel Management, Thomas Hayes Studio and Vivienne Westwood.

About ‘Grand Turismo’:

Stefano Galli’s ‘Grand Turismo’ takes us on a satirical trip through the American Southwest, where the observer becomes the observed.
A meditation on what happens when the spectator achieves an amazing view without having to walk the crooked lonesome trail, and the difference between capturing and seeing, between the mythology of a place and the reality of it. An exploration into the ways in which we try to commodify and domesticate the wilderness, this earth that belongs to everyone and to no-one.

The images feel at once timeless and firmly anchored in a specific time and place, a carbon dating of a moment that’s been immortalized through his lens. With glowing, earthy tones punctuated by flashes of bright reds and blues, yellows and purples and tacky patterns, the tourist wardrobe clashes decorously with the perfect landscape.

Galli explores the ways in which we contrive our own reality, and returns in this work to themes he touched on with his previous projects: themes of belonging and loneliness, what it’s like to be a stranger in a strange land.


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