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After finishing her undergraduate studies in 2018, Sophie Gladstone has continued her art practice while working in editorial positions. Her work has been exhibited in both Europe and Asia and was recently one of British Journal of Photography’s ‘Ones to Watch’, shortlisted for the Emergentes International Photography Award and nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award. Currently, Gladstone works as Assistant Photography Editor at Wallpaper*, a luxury design-focused publication. This role feeds back into her photography, informing a critical perspective as she works across the reality and fantasy of contemporary visual culture.

About Promise and Demand – words by Sophie Gladstone:

Promise and Demand focuses on the performance of success and optimisation. Portraying aspirational lifestyles as a game of endless emails, wellness and guest lists; I present these pursuits as symbols of cultural capital. I am honest about the role I play in perpetuating this pursuit of perfection; when creating enticing images about the commodification of the self, I myself become a more valuable commodity. I build my status as an interesting subject, a worthy object, a self-generating spectacle with a viewership attached.

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22 September 2021
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