Simone Padelli analyzes the sensational fragility of the human being

Simone Padelli Mondo Fragile C41 Submission 02

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Simone Padelli (1986) is a professional photographer and an Italian artist. After obtaining a first-level degree in Photography and Visual Arts at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (L.A.B.A.) in 2010, he immediately began his professional career in the world of fashion working as an internal photographer for Gucci in Florence. After a year of working with Gucci, he decides to leave his post and moves to London, where he lives for about a year and a half and obtains a Masters in Artistic Photography at the London College of Communication (UAL) in December 2012. At the moment Simone works as a freelance photographer especially in the field of fashion photography, and architecture.

Simone’s work has been published in magazines and web magazines and has had the opportunity to be exhibited in various personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, Germany, and England.

About ‘Mondo Fragile’ – words by Simone Padelli:

“Fragility” is perhaps the word that best identifies this particular historical moment, in which time seems to take on a different dimension: waiting for the days that follow one after the other, all the same, mark the omen of the aggravation of a pandemic that has changed and is still changing the way we live, the consequences of which are still largely unknown. The alleged unstoppable strength of the industrially advanced system, with all its technological security and its presumed invulnerability, had to stop suddenly in the face of the virus, instead of rediscovering itself very fragile and inadequate in dealing with the pandemic. The virus has infected our safety, has forced everyone to change their lifestyle, has made the basic pillars of our system falter in a short time, leading us to what will most likely be remembered as the greatest social and economic crisis ever crossed. All this should at least lead us to reflect on the role of man in relation to the world and on the very dimension of our society. We all suddenly became smaller, more fragile, and more isolated.

This project, consisting of 10 images, was developed in my house in Florence in April 2020, during the quarantine period. Unlike my common working method, color-analog, I decided to use digital and black and white to develop this series of photographs.

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4 June 2020
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