Simon Martin tells us the life of the young English cadets

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Simon Martin is a freelance photographer based in South East of England focusing on British culture and peoples pursuits for happiness. He is currently focusing on personal projects based around the idea of ‘Clone Towns’ and the loss of British identity through globalisation.

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About ‘Cadets’:

Cadets looks at the social interactions and activities of 13-18 year olds as they attend an after school activity based around the ethos of the British Royal Marines. The teenage years of our lives can play a big part in who we become, the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn are important, even though they may seem trivial now they can shape us hugely.

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Whilst school is the main avenue for this growth many people cant find their path and seek other themes of influence such as the cadets. Though the activities are military themed the objective is not to create small soldiers but to promote self confidence and reliance for these young kids that may not be finding what they are looking for else where.

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28 November 2017
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