Sergiy Barchuk documents transcendental and everyday tensions

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Sergiy Barchuk (b.1989) is a Ukrainian-American artist based in New York. He went on to pursue photography after receiving a degree in Sociology and Social Work with a minor in Fine Art. Among his clients are Alla Carta, Calvin Klein, Nike, M Le Monde, Vogue US, WSJ.

About When Sky Was Earth – words by Sergiy Barchuk:

These images are from an ongoing series called “When Sky Was Earth”. It’s an investigation of personal events that took place over the past several years, a reflection of how the past guides the future and the future re-frames the past. In this project I’m exploring the tension of universality of existence and the intimate nature of personal experiences through documenting my family and the transcendent moments I encounter on the daily.

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29 April 2021
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