Sara Meinz (1996) is a photographer born and raised in Galicia, Spain. After leaving her Sociology studies to attend film school, she now works mainly within the photographic medium.

Through a mindful approach, Sara seeks stillness and hidden messages in the ordinary – often exploring how we interact with one another and with our environment. In 2021, she was one of the selected artists to join the Futures Photography platform.

About Where Water Once Was – words by Sara Meinz:

“Where Water Once Was” is a series of pictures taken unintentionally during the past years while my concern about the climate crisis arose. While walking around my surroundings, I started wondering how the landscape I was witnessing would evolve due to the rising temperatures and the consequences we will face, such as floods and droughts. Despite originating from a negative mindset and feeling defeated about the situation, the series aims to allure some hope for the future due to nature’s ability for resilience, as if offering a half-empty and half-full glass view.