Samuele Pepe depicts the uncontaminated nature in Sardinia

Samuele Pepe Sardigna Deris Fisi Abbandonada Photography 6

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Samuele Pepe was born in Zagarolo in the province of Rome. He is 24 years old and has just completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, attending a graphic art course.

Born as a photographer many years ago, he reminds that already 12 years ago during the birth of his brother he used to go around the hospital with a small camera. Like many, he started shooting flowers in the garden and everything around him; he spent various time on the streets of every place shooting the impossible. After that, he spent a lot of time in the studio, thinking about poses, lights, and directing models.

Today he dedicates himself to long research and deep understandings that lead himself towards deepening completely into what he does.

About ‘Sardigna deris fisi abbandonada’ – words by Samuele Pepe:

The project was born in Sardinia; I needed to experience a place as raw as it is pure, in total silence. No contamination, savoring the sun and getting lost in the giant quartz dunes; photographing from the heart and telling what for me was only a distant childhood memory; observing how a beautiful side dialogue with the sea. In Surio I touched the most delicate skin with the camera, I bathed in all the sea possible. I observed amazed every little detail to jealously guard it and having the possibility of looking back at it every winter.

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18 September 2020
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