Sadie Catt takes us to study the farming community renamed Friendly City

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Sadie Catt (b.1995) is a British photographer using the camera as a creative tool with which to understand and confront prominent issues of the modern day. Combining personal work with universal concerns, she captures intimacy and relationships through a documentary approach to everyday life. Inspired by themes of heritage, identity and a female perspective, Sadie creates engaging connections between subject and viewer through naturally lit portraiture, landscape and environmental detail.

About ‘Woodstock‘ – words by Sadie Catt:

Woodstock focuses on the inhabitants of a small city in Ontario, Canada. It is a creative response to the social dynamics and cultural identifiers of a place known locally as ‘The Friendly City’. As an inside-outsider, linked through maternal ties, the artist’s work is rooted in the personal exploration of her family’s traumatic past and its lasting effect. Woodstock explores themes of immigration and the traditions of rural, agricultural community, whilst documenting an evolving sense of the place. Available as a limited edition photo book published with The Lost Light Recordings.

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11 January 2021
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