A first glance at the collection might leave you thinking I need to get my eyes checked. Because on the surface it certainly appears that there are at least a dozen pant suit looks scattered throughout. But a closer look revealed that what appeared to be tailored trousers, were in fact Abe’s take on the oh-so-popular thigh-high boot. A suit-boot if you will.

But this wasn’t the only trompe l’oeil of the afternoon, far from it. Each masterfully layered outfit was not constructed from multiple garments, but instead from one single mega-garment. The ultimate cheat code for those looking to achieve the perfect layered look with minimal effort.

There was plenty of variation when it came to what these mega-garments had to offer. Smartly tailored varieties for the modern business women. Casual oversized knit and bomber options you’re sure to see appear on an incredibly niche Socks house meeting post. Or a hybrid of the two, for example a seamlessly constructed suit-sleeve-meet-knit-jumper combo that you’ll find… Well who knows where really? But, it was stunning nonetheless, and effortlessly Sacai through and through.

The silhouette of this collection was notable A-line, adding an almost architectural structure throughout. It was however juxtaposed by exaggerated form that brought an element of roundness to the otherwise punctuated and sharp tailoring. The result was a dramatic selection of looks that still maintained elements of playfulness.

Sacai is always a beautiful refresher in the fashion week calendar, a reminder of the endless possibilities within garment construction. Abe’s designs are not just clothing; they are conversations between fabric and form, tradition and innovation. As the models moved, the full effect of the designs came into focus, revealing the complexity hidden within the simplicity. It is here where Sacai excels, in the subtle subversion of expectations.