This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Rosa Lacavalla was born in 1993 in Barletta, Italy and she is currently based in Bologna.

Graduated in 2017 in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, during whose course of study she moved for a year to England where she attended the course of Photography BA (Hons) at Coventry University. She joined various collective exhibitions and workshops in different countries, in Italy and abroad, and she worked as a trainee at the collective Cesura.

Her investigation focuses on small stories from everyday life, which are often an excuse to talk about something wider, but at the same time much more intimate, in the continuous search for nostalgic poetry.

About ‘Voy cerrando los ojos anhelando verte otra vez’ – words by Rosa Lacavalla:

I abandoned myself not only to a Buenos Aires of low houses immersed in small forests but also to its province and to a still river. A meditative jungle, to which it is possible, despite the chaos, to entrust yourself, with serenity, to the mornings, to the smell of jasmine and jacaranda, to the silence of the entrance halls.

A more imaginative than a documentary project. In “Voy cerrando los ojos anhelando verte otra vez” the imagination becomes the key to access the truth of a place and of myself as an individual.

What matters is the atmosphere, that immaterial blanket that envelops us and separates us from everything else possible to be we observed. The atmosphere is the keystone of the universal reading of a given place, its intimate and profound sense. In turn, the place moves the soul and helps it to understand its coexisting and contrasting elements, such as chaos and tranquility.