Proof of Existence involves the creation of various characters, each with their unique personality and world, captured in everyday locations and situations.
The project’s theme is to normalize the weirdness within us, celebrating our differences and showcasing that they exist in all of us; we’re all strange characters who are a part of society.
Through their work, Roba Bar ad Ofek Avshalom aim to make a social impact by changing the way we view others. They advocate for solidarity, open-mindedness, and greater inclusion and diversity in the media and the world at large.

The project blurs the line between reality and fantasy, combining the documentary and the staged, In addition to the characters the series contains still life and landscape images with the same bizarre atmosphere. The duality between the two emphasises the fine line between the bizarre and the everyday.
The creation of each character involved drawing inspiration from various elements. While some parts were pure products of their imagination, they assert that “Our team’s collaborative efforts made it possible to bring our vision to life.
Our talented makeup artist Elle McMahon crafted distinctive and bold makeup looks, while our creative stylist Bessy Huang worked closely with young and emerging designers from London to create the fantasy world of our dreams.
Other parts of the characters are heavily influenced by the models.”

While working with Zebedee Talent Agency, an agency that represents people with disabilities and visual differences, we had an opportunity to include the most unique and beautiful people who made this project even more special and authentic to its message.
All altered into a mixture of surrealism and truth – whether it’s Hannah dressed in an outfit built like an armchair and positioned in front of a large mansion, but also holding her own wig and cane. Myah wearing their own design inspired by their battle religious upbringing and their queer identity, or Diogo in his drag character ‘Co Kendra’ captured in his own house.
The creation process of this project allowed them freedom, being a true embodiment of creativity and self-expression.
These characters fearlessly showcase their unique identities and break free from societal norms and expectations.
Bar and Avshalom hope their willingness to challenge the status quo inspires those who see their images to tap into the boundless potential of your own human spirit for creative expression and individuality.

With a preference for striking colour palettes and researched lighting techniques, Bar and Avshalom portray life around them through an honest, distinct, and all-encompassing gaze. Leveraging their knowledge of art history and combining it with their natural inclination toward all-around contemporary culture, they restitute a visual rendition of today’s society that is at once poignant and thought-provoking in its nature. Also known as Fotómetro, the duo looks at their craft as a means of advocating the urge for a more diverse and authentic global community; a mission that the
photographers pursue on a day-to-day basis by casting non-models for both their personal and commercial work.
Turning the lens onto themes such as identity, individuality, and relationships, their practice wants to be a mirror for the infinite facets of the human
experience, pushing the boundaries of gender, race, and sexuality among others.

Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom are a photography duo living and working in London, UK. Drawing on a storytelling-based approach to the photographic
medium, the two are continuously striving to engage viewers from all backgrounds in a journey into their visual world. Suspended between fantasy and reality, the factual and the bizarre, their universe immerses whoever comes across it in a blend of surreal visions, daily experiences, and artistic references which all contribute to making their signature style and aesthetic vocabulary so naturally captivating.