C41 Magazine Issue 8 — Memory


The Issue 8 of C41 Magazine concentrates upon and researches the realm of our human Memory. Everything that is left behind, not in order to be forgotten, but instead, in order to be remembered. There is an active process that anticipates the moment when people recall events, objects, emotions, or situations: such an approach is very much similar to archiving.


Whether this happens consciously or else is driven by instinct, the result remains about the same: there are certain blocks more relevant than others. Which shape the base of who we are, and what we shall do. Underlining what is relevant, leaving out what is not. Photography is one of the greatest mediums capable to achieve this result. Selecting in order to remember, building up our unique heritage of memories.


Featuring: Daniel Everett, Formafantasma, Daniel Eatock, Max Siedentopf, Fausta & Gianlorenzo Bolettieri, Leandro Erlich, Alecio Ferrari, Carlo Banfi, Andrea Chronopoulos, Greg White, Filippo Telaro, Ryan Duffin, Yuki Kappes, Laura Thompson, Stefania Orfanidou, Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Alberto Guerrini, Parker Day.

  • Details
  • 300 pages
  • Offset printed and perfect bound
  • Full color on uncoated paper
  • Printed in Italy by On Time srl
  • Date of publication
  • July 15, 2019
  • Cover by
  • Daniel Everett