Courtesy of Reading Room.

In Italy the Anglo-Saxon term “magazine” is increasingly preferred to “rivista”. Magazine recalls the Italian “magazzino” (warehouse) and in fact the etymology confirms the common origin from the Arabic makhazin which means “to conserve, to store”. The magazine would therefore be understood as a collection of stories and images, selected and ordered to be first published and then kept by readers. Starting from these premises, the cycle of talks Magazine, dall’Italiano Magazzino wants to generate and store narratives, voices, perspectives, to try to express the charm and complexity of the magazine. 

In the first talk the guests have discussed about the role of digital and the implications of social platforms, in the second appointment the invited art directors talked about the importance of editorial design and the changes in the publishing industry. The evolution of writing and the predominance of visual culture in the contemporaneity will be the themes of the September talks.

The talks are hosted by Reading Room, the Milanese space dedicated to independent periodical publishing, in collaboration with Combo Milano and in media partnership with C41 magazine.