Sex and food in a project by Paloma Rincon and Pablo Alfieri

Just For Myself

Paloma Rincon says about herself:

“I´m a  Madrid based, Mexican born photographer working worldwide, from commercial assignments for big companies to more experimental and personal projects.

I create visual games in the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design, instalation or illustration. With a playful and contemporary aesthetic  approach, the resulting images showcase interesting worlds where shapes, textures, materials, lights and color blend together living in harmony inside fine, rich, and detailed graphic compositions. My quirky images are marked by bold colours, graphic compositions and unexpected juxtapositions. The virtual and the real worlds integrate in a totally natural fashion erasing the boundaries of tactile and digital.  My dynamic still life photographies combine an accurate use of technique and the creativity of a craftsman.

Products, props, and sometimes people are approached with a unique point of view. A very meticulous process where elements change meaning building completely new compositions. Playing with reality, the beauty of handcraft recovers its value and magic.”

Pablo Alfieri says about himself:

“ I’m Argentinean and the creative mind behind Playful. I was born in Buenos Aires and study graphic design to become a Director of still life and moving pictures projects”.

Healthy Breakfast

About ‘Breakfast Sex’:

This collaborative project from Paloma Rincon and Pablo Alfieri is a playful and enthusiastic way to portray early morning sex. In this series of 12 images where nude bodies and breakfast food come together in colorful and theatrical environments, there is no romanticism, no trace of the act itself. Instead, it is a comical and innocent way pop exploring a timeless ( and popular) subject.

Pur starting point was the idea of creating a project that reflects the points of view and complementary visions of both artists. Really, it was an excuse to find quirky and fun visual language that is playful yet refined. The series is full of textures, pop colors and sense of humor.

The Trophy

Delighted Breakfast

Before Sex

After Sex

The Temptation Crop

Special Room Sevice

On Your Back

Morning Fetisch

From Farm To Table

Early Routine


Creative & Art Direction: Paloma Rincon & Pablo Alfieri

Set Designer: Pablo Alfieri

Photographer: Paloma Rincon

Production company: Antiestàtico

Executive Producer: Carola Bisci

Producer: Vir Herrador

Producer Assistant: Amaia Azcona

First Assistant: Laura Hojas

Second Assistant: Isabel Galkowska

Art Assistant: Ofelia Hernandez

Casting: Nydia Vacas

Model: Miriam Larragay

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13 March 2018
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