In the ever-changing tapestry of contemporary existence Zizi Liu’s identity emerges as a thread woven through the collision of diverse cultures. Drawing inspiration from Lao Zi’s dialectics on the movement of Tao, she explores the infinite oneness within opposite forces, continually becoming and moving towards each other in a circular dance. This philosophy becomes the foundation for my artistic expression, using spirit and body as participants and tools in a daily ritual that engages with materials representing towards the planet: protein fibres (wool, mohair, and silk), plant fibres (cotton and linen), and artificial fibres (polyamide).

In her artistic practice, she engages in active and passive interweaving between processes, creating a dialogue with the materials she works with. The silver needle bed becomes a canvas for counting changing numbers, a motion repeated regularly as the shuttle moves through the fibres, floating in the surrounding air. This repetitive action immerses me in a chaotic and twisted space, where the static electricity generated in mutual friction can be seen as the structural characteristics of an antagonistic “force”–the stretchability of materials.
The sense of identity, belonging, and insecurity is explored through the rebellious interplay of inherent and conscious elements. In this dynamic environment, she finds herself pushing against established boundaries, allowing the ebb and flow of matter to shape and reshape my consciousness. The exhibition becomes a space where viewers can immerse themselves in the interplay of identities, both intrinsic and extrinsic, as they move through the flow of matter in consciousness and perception.

Drawing on the ancient Chinese quality of firmness overcoming through softness, the series proposes a subtle approach to capturing and perceiving the shared values of foreign cultures. Through the delicate interweaving of materials and philosophies, the viewer is invited to appreciate the beauty that emerges from the harmonious coexistence of different elements. This aims to transcend cultural boundaries and offer a contemplative space where the audience can reflect on their own identities in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

Overcome Firmness by Softness invites viewers to explore the rich tapestry of existence, where the collision of cultures becomes a source of inspiration and unity rather than division. Through the lens of Lao Zi’s dialectics and the tactile engagement with diverse materials, the exhibition will encourage a deeper understanding of identity, belonging, and the shared human experience in a world that is continually in flux.

Fearless, mischievous, and unrestrained: uncovering the joy and wonder that often goes unnoticed in our daily lives, seeking to rekindle the innocence and authenticity of our inner child. A vibrant fusion of colours, textures and organic forms, drawing inspiration from the toy slinkies and cartoon character Tweety bird. Zizi Liu is a Chinese multidisciplinary artist currently based in London. Her work centres around the world of perception and process, drawing from the exploration of possibilities and boundaries of coexistence in her primitive memories and projecting into the future. This journey of self- redemption is intertwined with her mixed cultural identity, creating a playful narrative that reflects both of her personal experiences and a universal longing for balance, connection and rediscovery.