Sound systems have always been an integral part of urban culture, gathering places, creating communities, and providing a platform for musical expression and creativity. Imitating social hubs, bringing people together, and fostering a sense of community and belonging. By exploring the original sound system culture, the design team Outofcontext* aims to celebrate the concept of togetherness and create little collective party moments. OOC-SS01 was created with the intention of being relatively small in size while maintaining powerful volume and bass, and also with the desire to make it simple in its interface and mode of operation. It is a practical system, easily transportable and operable in a matter of seconds.

OOC-SS01 is the protagonist of Deep Listening, a video by Emanuele Cantò, and Outofcontext* in collaboration with Genera, a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Milan.

Cantò engages viewers with the emotions and sensations from deep listening. By manipulating time and slowing down the pace, a profound state of being emerges—one that transcends the ordinary speed of filmmaking and captures movements otherwise imperceptible to our senses. The delicate dance between the loss of gravity and the meticulous slow-motion sequences fosters a complete and unparalleled immersion in sound, made possible by the exceptional sound system. Slow motion intensifies every nuance, accelerates the heartbeat, and concentrates sounds, tempting us to savor the present moment. The deliberate elongation of each scene’s length and depth creates a sensation of lightness and a profound connection with the auditory experience. Through the seamless integration of CGI, the video alternates between the ideal “construction” of an object and captivating scenes where individuals interface with the state-of-the-art sound system. This juxtaposition serves as a narrative thread, allowing the audience to journey from the initial stages of construction to the ultimate user experience.

Deep Listening will be showcased in Milan at Superattico (Via Bartolomeo Eustachi) on October 20th 2023, from 6 PM to 10 PM.