“(…) I think everyone has to be involved in politics, in organizations that will defend their rights and obtain more, that will decide on what should happen in all public matters. If you don’t act, someone else will decide everything.” Donald Judd, “The Artist and Politics: A Symposium”, 1970

The “Energy Crisis Hoodies” is an exhibition showing a variety of up-cycled and thrown out hoodies re-imagined, re-designed and deconstructed with a variety of political messages across them. All contemporary topics, some direct, some more ambiguous in their messaging.
Each hoodie consists of 3-7 hoodies which have been deconstructed, re-assembled and velcro patched with messages. The theme of the messages are centralised thematically around the political, environmental and gender debate that dominates the world scene from the Middle East, to Ukraine to domestically in Italy. There is an underlying theme of revolt, a wish to motivate to take action in society, as a citi- zen in Italy, as citizen in Europe and as citizen in a world in an ecological crisis. We need to be involved, to critique, to obtain influence in order to create change.

The exhibition marks the opening of OLDER Studio’s new store in Nolo, Milan. In this new location we will host exhibitions, sell custom made and one-off uniform pieces, showcase design and architectural pieces and prototypes from future and previous projects made by the studio.


Older Studio Store
Via Policarpo Petrocchi 21, 20127, Milan