Nils Böddingmeier had the opportunity to think about who he is

Nils Böddingmeier Set This House In Order Photography 19

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Nils Böddingmeier is a photographer based in both Freiburg and Berlin. With a focus on portraiture and reportage, his goal is to tell stories of people. Inspired by surreal painters and photographers, he seeks for magical, forgotten or overlooked realities. He is driven by his curiosity in the diversity of human life. By trying to understand the lives of the people he captures, he aims to tell their story free of judgement. Through the tool of identification he portrays the person behind each story to establishing compassion from the viewer.

During his school studies in forestry science, photography was his creative outlet. As of 2020 he’s deepening his knowledge and passion at Ostkreuzschule for photography in Berlin.

About ‘ Set This House in Order’ – words by Nils Böddingmeier:

Being in isolation due to COVID-19 gave me the gift of time. Time to think about myself and who I am or who I want to be. People consist of many different, sometimes contradicting characteristics and qualities. Because there was nobody to judge me I felt the freedom to give these characteristics different appearances to make them visible. They all experienced the limited space of my home.

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16 July 2020
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