Nikki van de Poel says about herself:

“My name is Nikki van de Poel (Satellite June). A film photographer based  in the Netherlands. My pictures have a natural, moody & dreamy vibe. I  love being on the road, taking in all the beautiful sights and going on little adventures. The ever-changing colors of nature and playing with sunlight are a huge part of my work. It’s amazing to me how fast light can change and create new shapes in a matter of seconds. I love finding magic in everyday life. The way the sun slowly lightens up the endless mountain views in the morning, the way the rain makes everything  sparkle, the reflections created in a lake, the wind making it look like all the leafs are doing a little dance.”

About ‘Travel diaries‘:

‘Travel diaries’ is an ongoing series I’m creating while being on the road, the images in this selection have been shot in USA and Italy. The ever-changing surroundings + people inspire and teach me a lot, one of the main reasons why I love traveling so much. Capturing some of these moments on film, make these moments last forever and let me re-live those memories over and over.

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