Nate Palmer is a documentary portrait photographer living and working between Washington, D.C and New York City. His work primarily focuses on marginalized communities in times of transition. Nate first became interested in photography at the age of 12 when he got his first point-and-shoot camera, which he carried around everywhere he went. He took his first dark room photography course in high school where his passion for the medium took hold. Nate has been a freelance photographer for two years and spends his free time developing his personal projects.

About ‘Petworth’ – words by Nate Palmer:

I grew up in a neighborhood called Petworth. Over the years I’ve watched the community transform; old homes now sandwiched between new condominiums await their own demolition, while long-term residents move away to find more affordable living. All that one imagines when they hear the word gentrification, you can find here. Washington, DC, the city where I grew up, feels less familiar now. This body of work is an attempt to preserve what is, in a community that changes by the day, and to honor its long-term residents.