My father, my hero. This is a notion that I have always found challenging and that I wanted to interrogate in this project dedicated to my father Roland and my relationship with him. It is probably natural to compare yourself to your father or mother, because we are always looking for role models that we can identify with, benchmarks to help us determine our place in society. This work therefore constitutes an attempt at exchange, a way of establishing a dialogue between the two of us that has never existed. My approach is also reflective: like every child facing their parents, I am prey to mimicry and some of my fathers behaviours echo in my own. Not to mention the physical resemblances. This project is also an attempt to define the outline of my own person. A game of spot the difference, perhaps, although true essence is not necessarily visible. I have chosen to stage my own version of memories and anecdotes. The main character is still Roland, playing himself. The boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred here by my own fantasies and projections. Humour remains, a trait that we share, my father and I, and which infuses my whole project.