Eri Vanluchene and Mirre Nimmegeers build a visual labyrinth

Mirre Nimmegeers Eri Vanluchene The King Is My Neighbour Photography 2

Mirre Nimmegeers was born in 1995, and Eri Vanluchene in 1997° in Belgium and are an artistic duo living and working in Ghent, Belgium. They both graduated in photography and successfully finished their master’s programme in photography at Sint-Lukas, Brussels.

From a shared working process and aesthetics, they started collaborating as a duo in 2017. Their interest goes towards the narrating qualities of the photographic series and the ambiguous questions photography raises about the relation between fiction and non-fiction.

About ‘The King is my Neighbour’ – words by Mirre Nimmegeers and Eri Vanluchene:

In “The King is my Neighbour”, Eri Vanluchene & Mirre Nimmegeers build a visual labyrinth for the viewer to get lost within. Through suggestive pairings and associative imagery, they construct a closed-off world full of references and symbols. This series shows a documentation of their search into the concept of power – but their answers remain inadequate – rather they show the conflictual and psychological relation one can experience in trying to reach the concept.

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29 July 2020
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