This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Michele Del Core is 26 years old, born and raised in Bari, Italy. Today he’s based in Milan, where he works as a creative designer in a communication agency. He practices photography as an instrument of personal research. Every encounter becomes a revealing episode. It awakens emotions beyond the appearance and makes him understand what is not possible to express with words. He’s looking for new plots to present what seems obvious, a possible new storyline for all the stories we have already written.

The world changes as he looks at it. It takes a new shape according to his desire to contemplate it. Whenever he spots an aura of mystery, he sets off on a journey to make it his own. For him, the adventure turns into a process of getting a sense of the world, to find his identity and roots. The pieces of reality are symbols of the society that defines who he is. Through the lens, he can capture the light that illuminates these fragments of life. A camera is not a device he uses to present the world as it is, it’s rather his tool to imagine it.

About ‘INSHALLAH (AT GOD’S WILL)’ – words by Michele Del Core:

Time passes by differently in the Kingdom of Jordan. The East seems to pulse with a different heart-beat compared to the West, even today that any idea of remoteness seems lost. The effortless charm of the Arab culture permeates every moment of the day, composing a sequence of rituals and habits. This land, that stretches from the desert to the Red Sea, is shaped by Islam and described by unpredictable landscapes. Prayer chants echo in the alleys of the towns, and mint tea restores the hikers in the Wadis, while dust covers the shoes.

Traveling is an experience both physical and emotional to me. Moving around is necessary to change my point of view and realize I shouldn’t rely on any feeling of belonging. Every time I am somewhere I don’t know, I try to read and understand the shapes of the place. Perception opens up to the world with renewed attention to the vitality of the surroundings.

Those who wonder soon realize that every person, object or landscape in Jordan is loaded with a silent secret. Travelers can witness the layering of the events, the physical mark they left in this country. From North to South, everything has endured the challenge of existence to protect the memories it holds. Today, Amman is a bustling city that has seen unprecedented urban development due to migratory waves from Palestine, Iraq and Syria. Still, it retains superb traces of its ancient feast. Petra is a magnetic tourist attraction, whose immense charm is the only protection from the siege of visitors. The foreigner that leaves the main road, or even gets lost, is likely to end up sharing a meal with Beduin kids. Wadi Rum and the Red Sea are open-air playgrounds for the grown-ups, places where anybody can take a break from the city life full of glamour commodities. Yet, Jordanians are so proud of their home, that everything seems to be waiting for you, even in the humblest place.

Rising and setting, the sun paints the colours of this country. Dunes at dawn are tinted red. The blue sea flickers under the light at noon. White stars gather in the deep black night. Under the same sky, human vital forces work hard to keep this country so lively, with devotion to their King and faith. Time flies in Jordan, but days have a different cadence. Every day can be Friday: a chance to rest the mind and recover the body, dedicating all yourself to hope, love and freedom. Everyone seems to know that life here is at God’s will. Inshallah.