“My name is Matias Cantella, I am a self-educated photographer, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 25 years old and I have been taking photos for 3 years with a Nikon Fm2 that my grandmother gave me as an ornament because she believed that it did not work anymore. I studied Economics, I graduated in it and I currently work teaching and researching but my true passion is photography.

I like to see photography as a visual diary that documents things that I see in the day to day but that isolated in a frame can generate to the person who sees it, diverse sensations that perhaps in the day to day go unnoticed.”

Matias Cantella Ushuaia17

About ‘Ushuaia’:

“The previous winter I was invited for three days to an accounting congress in the south of my country, specifically in Ushuaia. I had the responsibility of writing a paper to explain about economic issues but spend more time thinking and trying films, to know what would be the most appropriate to portray that beautiful city.

Luckily, my exposure was the first day on the first schedule, so from the minute after that until I got on the plane, I was able to take advantage of what I had really been motivated to travel.

I Take my Nikon Fm2 with an Adox Color Implosion Film. I chose this film because it was going to provide surreal colors with a grain that corresponds to a film of 800asa, despite being 100asa and that is what I was looking for.

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The symmetrical architecture of pastel colors, the sea, great extensions of field that make their way through the feet of the mountain range of the Andes, lie under an imposing sky that offers a range of colors that tempt any photographer to shoot.

The City conveys to one the feeling that it is a place where no one lives there, everyone is millimetrically ordered and feels that one must be careful with the movements so as not to alter the order that reigns in those lands.

When you walk through the City of Ushuaia it seems that you have been introduced to a story that one of your parents read to you when you were little.That is what I try to transmit with that serie and therefore my choice of that roll.”

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