Marie Haefner takes us to a melancholic and vast ‘non-place’

Excalibur City

Marie Haefner, born in Frankfurt (DE) is a Vienna based photographer. Her work lies at the intersection of portrait and documentary photography and is informed by her theoretical research background on contemporary forms of image-making as rhizomatic practice. Transitional moments such as the passage from childhood to adulthood as well as spaces of transit are recurring themes in her photographic work.

About Excalibur City – words by Marie Haefner:

Excalibur City is located in a no man’s land at the Czech-Austrian border. Secluded factory outlet centers, a casino, an amusement park, and curiosities such as a jet themed restaurant line up next to each other unexpectedly in the seemingly infinite vastness. Wandering through the deserted  area Marc Augé’s concept of ‚non-place’ comes to mind. There’s a certain melancholic feel to the somewhat unsightly realm of Excalibur City, a remainder of a time marked by the end of communism and gleams of hope that, to date, might have been in vain.

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9 December 2021
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