Summer is not over yet! Here is the ironic vision of Maria Moldes

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Portonovo, Spain 1974
Graduated in Psychology, she beguns to take interest in photography during her travels.

In 2014 María obtained a photography scholarship in MISTOS Alicante, beguns to show her work in the network, having great media exposure in both Spanish press (El País, El Mundo, ABC …) and international press (The Guardian, Dailymail, CNN, Le monde, Der Spiegel …) publishing her images in their online covers and in print.

María participates in different festivals and exhibitions in Spain, France, Germany , UK and US.


This is my first series, started in 2013 I still work on it.
With it I wanted to delve into this reality, to reflect the kitsch side and the aging of society.

It wants to be a break with traditional canons of beauty, in which young people do not necessarily have to be protagonists of the scenes, I intend to transfer scenes completely everyday in to surreal scenes , full of color, vitality and irony.

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30 September 2018
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