Marco Di Stefano is an award winning Berlin based photographer, originally from Adelaide, Australia. His work celebrates the often overlooked beauty of everyday moments with an emphasis on rich, colourful compositions that champion light as a subject. Street scenes are composed with an intentionality that appear to be staged, often combining contemporary landscapes with the people that inhabit and rush through them. With a background in graphic design and art direction, Marco’s work spans the genres of landscape, portraiture, street and fashion photography.

About Una Settimana – words by Marco Di Stefano:

I’m drawn to open spaces. Not necessarily remote places, but locations that allow space for people, light and the built environment to do interesting things. Finding an unexpected composition in a place where the obvious shot is screaming at you is a hard habit to break, but that’s the approach I’m trying to take. Instead of the beautiful view from the ferry, I rather try and visualise the experience and perspective of being on the ferry. This distinction is something I think about a lot and really played a huge role in this series and a lot of other work I have shot this year. This series consists of images taken over the course of one week in Italy on medium format film.