Madeline Tolle finds herself in the magical chaos of Bangkok

Madeline Tolle Krung Thep Photography 7

Madeline Tolle is an American Photographer based in Los Angeles. She was born in Chicago and studied Art History at the University of Illinois. She bought her first camera while on a study abroad semester in Norway and has been hooked ever since. In 2018, she was awarded as an Emerging Photographer by Photo District News.

Her work revolves around documenting the fantastical dreamlike moments that exist within everyday life. 

About ‘Krung Thep’ – words by Madeline Tolle:

“Krung Thep” is a travel photography series about Bangkok, Thailand.  When working on travel-based projects, I take a portraiture-based approach that allows me to capture the “mood” and “feel” of a place, rather than simply documenting the way it looks on a surface level. By focusing on the feel of the place, the photos operate individually, but also together as a series. The result is a series that highlights both the hustling chaos and small moments of magic found throughout Bangkok.

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30 July 2020
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