Luna Tristá born in 1980 in Havana, Cuba, she formed herself as a photographer at the University High School of Image and Design in Barcelona. Her world in black and white shows her obsession for the past. Her images communicate a mixture between glamour and decadence. It’s difficult to feel indifferent in front of their strength. Her mainly female bodies are portrayed in their intimacy, they show themselves without fear to her eye that looks them from the inside.

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About ‘SHE’S MY MAN’:

“My artistic study begins with my idea of beauty which makes me unearth unknown characters with a strong inner personality. Entering the life of others, trying to understand them in their entirety, has brought me to search for myself. The people who touch me most, have something of myself; I can see it in their gaze, in the way they move, a second before taking their photo. 

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I mostly use black and white photography due to my obsession with the past, from which also my passion for decadence derives – a result of my experiences . The women portrayed in my photographs are women who are not afraid of criticism, who do not censor their bodies or their sexual orientation and who look the camera directly in the eye. I prefer to depict women in their intimacy, daily routine and desperation. I photographed a person with their despair and agony more than once. 

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The silence, the dark colours, the general imperfections and sex and women are my neverending fountain of inspiration”.

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