Liu Wang is fascinated by the magic light of nature

Wang Liu Dearlight C41 Submission 9

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Liu Wang was born in 1991 in China. He studied Design at the University of Florence and now he lives in Italy.

Photography makes him create visual art concentrating on all the concrete objects that stay in front of us. His mission is recording the world following his own perspective of things, focusing on everything that nature already gave us. He loves how light can create a specific and impressive moment, enhancing the love for simplicity.

About ‘Dear Light’ – words by Liu Wang:

Light is the most simple thing we have, we take, we go through. We see it, we forget about it …Light makes us see the color of nature, nature provides us light. For me, it is the beginning of everything as we see, and as we love. My project features the natural landscape or composed nature objects under the light, in the unique moments that people can almost feel the warm air moving above the ocean, the silence after the snow, and all the grace that light brings us.

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10 June 2020
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