Lindsey Kennedy combines street photography with shyness

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Lindsey Kennedy is a photographer raised in Kansas and currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Gender Studies before working as a freelance journalist and photographer. She spent several years working in documentary film and experimenting with street and fashion photography. Her current photographic work uses color and instant film to explore texture and concept through still life.

About ‘Don’t Be That Way’ – words by Lindsey Kennedy: 

‘Don’t Be That Way’ is on its face an attempt to marry street photography and shyness. Through distant but intimate observations, it seeks to take note of spaces moved by human activity without disturbing them. It is a rejection of a perceived invasion of space inherent in street photography, aiming to connect to the emotional remnants of a place through the artifacts of human presence. No narrative is assigned because none is known, belonging is questioned but not implied. What is valued is a right to privacy, what is questioned is any lasting ownership of physical space.

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25 March 2020
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