Lily Zoumpouli documents her life through striking images

In Her Mums Bathtub

Lily Zoumpouli was born in Thessaloniki on 1994.


About ‘Self-documentation‘:

My work’s theme is self-documentation.I photograph my life, the environment I am in and the people I share it with at certain times when I feel that this moment needs to be captured. There are also cases where I stage a photograph in order to portray what I need to express at that time of my life.I find interest in self-portraits and depicting situations that I share with others.

Bones Breed Flowers

Blanket Sheet

Black Hair In The SInk

In order for me to photograph something or someone, there has to be a sense of connection.Creating an atmosphere between them and me so that the final outcome will display parts of us. A mix of selves into one image. The element of nude in the photographs is very intense.Considering the body as well as the soul, I believe that when people are exposing their naked body in my pictures, they are exposing an inner part of themselves.

Returning to an innocence where we feel comfortable of displaying a self and its own shadows as something natural. I always tend to interpret personal feelings by depicting non-human subjects.I generally photograph anything that intrigues me.Wether it is a place, an object, an animal or a person.

Breaking Dawn

Elliot's Cut

Dead Wood

Christina & Lydia

Through this body of work I aim to capture moments of self – exploration.
Anthropology, psychology, poetry, symbolism, intimacy and memories, all these are subjects that this project examines. As well as , people’ s relations with themselves, with others, with the environments surrounding them and with notions such as time ,change, death and life. These are the matters that my photographs aim to capture.

This work was created both in Greece and in England from 2011-2017.

Eua's Cutten Tree

White Flower Rain1

To Kill A MockingBird

Through The Light Of Our Shadows

Road To Nowhere4

Nat Dead Fish Head

My Wellness Served On A Plate


Guns Aren't For Kids

Gazing The Skies From An Ilegal Tarance6

Fitting Your Multiple Selfs Into Small Mirrors2

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