Leslie Shang Zhefeng lets us into the heart of his family

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This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Photographer Leslie Shang Zhefeng was born in Baoji, Shaanxi,China in 1991, and currently lives and works in Shanghai-Xi’an. He has been paying attention to Chinese social issues, the relationship between man and architecture, Urban public space, population mobility, natural environment and ecology. And the study of self-identity and family history. Self-published documentary photography was reported by The published in c41, INDIE, conceptualprojects magazine. In 2020, the long-term project “Chinese Scenery-Shanghai Scenery” and the hometown project of the same name about the family origin history “Cypress Slope” will be filmed. The latest series of “My Time” is a metaphor for the current situation in China.

About Cypress Slope – words by Leslie Shang Zhefeng:

“Cypress Slope” is a project with the same name as my hometown. It was photographed in 2020 and presents my family origins by collecting information in Baoji, Shaanxi, a rural village in western China. The story of our four generations tells the identity of ordinary Chinese families in modern times.

The work Cypress Slope is a true story of an ordinary family in western China. Photographer Shang Zhefeng started shooting in 2020. Through the research of their own family history and the arrangement of family materials, using old photos, letters, video screenshots, interviews and surveys as clues, the life experience of four generations is linked together, and the life history of ordinary Chinese families in the modern and modern centuries is narrated. It has been confirmed that the ancestors came from the Big Locust tree in Hongdong, Shanxi Province, 600 years ago, during the first year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1418. After several migrations, he settled on cypress Slope. The author’s great-grandfather mortgaged his house because he smoked cigarettes. After his grandfather was born, his mother had no milk to feed, so he found a wet nurse in the village of Cypress Slope. My grandfather stayed on in Cypress Slope as an adult and raised a family.

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23 November 2021
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