Laura Malaterra transforms her home into a photographic set

Journey Around My Room Toys#2

Laura Malaterra was born and graduated in architecture in Turin, now she lives in Genoa. She started taking pictures in the theater. Director, actress and author she has written many plays and published four books. The workshops with photographers Letizia Battaglia, Maurizio Galimberti, Graziano Perotti, Ivo Saglietti were important for her.

She always imagines her photographs as frames of stories to be staged. She loves surreal themes and she sets up minimal sets where she tells the stories of life.

About ‘Journey around my room’ – words by Laura Malaterra:

“Journey around my room,” inspired by Xavier de Maistre’s novel named the same way, is an everyday journey to discover the objects that surround me, a familiar presence always changing their shapes and colors thanks to the light that floods over them, or forgets them in the darkness.

That’s the way in which my bedroom becomes a photographic set. The journey started that morning at 8.06, the light making me think of an American film from the 1940s; “As time Goes By” was the background music and Humphrey Bogart was fleeing from Casablanca and entering the movie of my life.

My work as a director and an actress influences my photographic vision, I try to capture those moments where light defines spaces and evokes situations, fascinated by fleeting fictions of fleeting worlds, photographic expedients to capture reality. The spaces of my daily life, where I spend my life and see time passing along. The walls that protect me and those large windows overlooking the sea.

So the imagination made me see fleeting presences walking through the rooms transfigured by sunlight and soon after my imaginations are self-portraits between the sheets and a transparent veil or a plastic film transforming my face into another face that even myself can no longer recognize.

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24 September 2020
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