Ksenia Mikhailova reflects on the sense of belonging and hospitality

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Ksenia Mikhailova (b.1988) is a self-taught Russian artist and photographer who lives and works in Moscow. Exploring the potentiality and cultural meaning of everyday objects, she works in-between sculpture and still life photography.

About Pretend You Are Home – words by Ksenia Mikhailova:

Pretend You Are Home is an ongoing project that reflects on a recent personal shift of going to live on my own. The series looks upon the phenomena of belonging and home in a broad sense – whether it is a place, time, objects or people.

The notion of home is simple and complex at the same time. Home is a space where you feel safe. It’s a place where you are welcomed by someone. It’s the objects that you chose to have. It’s the walls you are reluctant to paint. It’s the screen of your laptop. It’s your body. It’s none of the above.

Places can be welcoming, people can manifest love, yet a sense of belonging is not always present. The idea of this emotional vagrancy pushed me towards looking deeper into what my current surroundings are like and what home means to me.

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14 July 2021
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